How to use GitLab

All of our code jams take place on GitLab. If you don't have an account there, please ensure that you create one prior to filling out your code jam profile.


Getting Started

When the code jam starts, we'll push some information and code to the repository for that jam - this repository will be announced as part of this process. When this happens, elect a member of your team to handle the management of your repository, and have them do the following:

  1. Visit the repository and fork it by clicking on the "fork" button

    If you're part of an organisation, GitLab will ask you where to fork the repository. Fork it to your own account.

  2. On the newly- forked repository, click on the Members option under Settings in the left sidebar; Ask your team-mates for their GitLab usernames, and add them to the repository with at least the Developer role

    It's very important that your team-mates have at least the Developer role. If you don't give them the correct role, then they will not be able to push any code!

Setting Up

Once the above has been completed, every member of the team needs to install Git. If you don't have Git installed, please see our page on how to use Git.

Once everyone has Git installed, you will all need to generate an SSH key. If you don't do this, you will be unable to push any code! If you're on Windows, please ensure that you're running all of your SSH and Git commands using Git Bash, from Git for Windows.

Following the above, use Git to clone the repository. Copy the SSH URL from the repository overview page, and use git clone <url> to clone the repository to your computer.

You will be using Git to push code to the repository, and this will be your primary method of working with your team. For more information, please see our page on how to use Git.

Submitting Code

In order to aid with management of the code jams, we require that every team opens a merge request in order to submit their code. As we use these to provide feedback to teams throughout the duration of the code jam, we recommend that you open a merge request as soon as possible. Remember, if you do not open a merge request before the jam ends, your team will be disqualified!

Once a change has been pushed to the repository...

  1. Click on the + button at the top of the repository page, and select New merge request

  2. If GitLab asks for the source branch for your merge request, select the branch your team is working on - if you're not sure which branch you're using, then it's probably master

  3. In the Title box, enter the name of your team - if you'd like, you can also give a short overview of your submission in the description box, but this is entirely optional

  4. Click the Submit merge request button, and your team's merge request will be created

  5. Throughout the code jam, we will provide feedback on your team's submission - we feel that this is one of the best and most realistic ways to learn about how you should write better code, so please take this feedback on board

  6. As you push code to your repository, it will automatically be added to the merge request. GitLab will build and lint your code automatically, running it through a CI pipeline that we've already set up for you - keep the merge request open, and GitLab will send you notifications to let you know whether the pipeline passed or not

Next Steps

Once the above has been completed, you're ready to go! Work with your team to complete the task assigned to you, push code regularly, and have fun!

If you get stuck, please seek help from your team members first. If you can't solve an issue yourselves, then do feel free to ask for help in the usual manner.