Code Jam Rules



In order to ensure a pleasant and level playing field, there are a handful of rules that must be adhered to when you participate in a code jam. They are as follows:

  1. All code must be written during the code jam.

  2. All code must be written by a member of the team.

  3. All relevant source code must be included in the submission.

  4. The majority of the project must be written in Python.

  5. You're free to use any third party libraries in your submission.

  6. You are free to use third party graphics or audio assets, so long as you acquire the permission to do so. This means you must investigate to ensure that your assets are either in the Public Domain, or licensed for free use.


Our infractions system is partly automated, but is maintained by staff directly in cases of rule violations. Users may be issued an infraction if...

  • They break the above rules

  • They decide to remove their jammer profile while they're participating in an active code jam

  • They decide to leave the server while they're participating in an active code jam

Infractions are handled on a case-by-case basis. Our infractions system allows for infractions that apply to a certain number of jams, or that apply permanently. If you have an infraction which bans you from a limited number of jams, please note that the counter on the infraction will only decrease if you actually attempt to apply for a jam.

If a user has their data removed from our services (eg, by leaving the server) while they're participating in a code jam, they will be given an automatic permanent infraction. If you end up doing this and later change your mind, please talk to a member of staff about it.